Who We Are

Kintech is an IT consulting firm with over 35 years of combined experience.  We pride ourselves in the relationships we’ve built with our clients, and believe that this truly sets us apart! We enjoy helping businesses navigate the ever-changing world of technology, ensuring their needs are met as efficiently and economically as possible.  We love IT, and gain great satisfaction from helping others meet their own technology oriented goals.

What We Do

Kintech works mostly with small to medium sized organizations.  Our clients range from small accounting firms of just a couple employees, all the way up to organizations with over 150 employees.  We have the skill and knowledge necessary to build, maintain, and troubleshoot all primary types of IT infrastructure. We are also more than happy to help plan and develop customized solutions based on your organization’s needs!

What We Offer

To keep things simple and straight-forward for your organization, Kintech offers pre-built support packages. Our support packages are subscription based and have been carefully crafted to include what is necessary to keep your PCs and servers in proper working order.  Along with our support packages, we are also available for as-needed support.  And we are, of course, always excited to help with custom projects and solutions!

Networking Services

We serve clients in a variety of industries, offering customized technology solutions that allow your organization to benefit from the promise technology can achieve, while protecting you from the risks technology presents.  Our team of specialists understand the unique needs of today’s businesses. We will work with you to utilize technology strategically, securely and effectively, keeping you moving forward! Read More


Backup Services

Your data is CRITICAL to your organization.  Whether it’s email archives, financial databases, business contacts, or system documenation, it needs to be backed up!  We at Kintech believe that setting up a custom backup plan is the best way to make sure that your data is safe, and easily retrievable upon request.  You tell us what you need backed up, and we’ll work with you to formulate a plan to keep your data safe.



The professionals at Kintech understand the unique balance between security and usability. Unfortunately it isn’t possible in today’s tech climate to remediate security threats entirely. Recognizing the most vulnerable areas of technology, and focusing efforts efficiently and intelligently will go a long way toward achieving a secure environment that is still functional for your users.

PC Maintenance

Servers may be the brains of a network, desktop PCs are the true workhorses!  The key to long lasting, trouble-free usage is proper maintenance.  Kintech offers several holistic support packages to ensure your PCs are properly maintained.  These support packages include hardware and security auditing, software updates, ant-virus software, and can also include manual troubleshooting support as needed.

Remote Support

If you need immediate support, we’re ready! Remote support allows us to quickly and efficiently connect in to your devices to fix many different issues that may arise.  We can perform many tasks remotely, from virus removal to network printer troubleshooting, software upgrades to email flow issues.  This convenience saves your company time, money, and headaches!





Virus Removal

When your computer has been hit by a virus, it impacts your productivity and security. You need this resolved fast! Computer viruses are malicious programs that range from irritating to destructive. The more dangerous variants result in data loss, identity theft, and system failure. With specialized tools and expert knowledge, we can help get your computer back to its old self again.


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