Professional Computer, Network, and Email Management

Kintechnology has the experience to manage virtually any size business. Be it a simple 2 computer setup, or a 200+ computer network. Kintechnology can handle your business computer and networking needs. We also have extensive experience in Exchange email service, and can setup and maintain Exchange email servers, mailboxes, shared contacts, and shared calendars.

When companies grow, their computer infrastructure grows with them. Kintechnology can help plan your network expansion to match your growth. Ensuring that your network is expanded correctly and efficiently, with the correct equipment to not only get the job done, but prepare your company for future growth.

Getting new software? Are your computers getting a little slow? If your productivity is down, your profits are going to go down as well. Kintechnology can examine your computers and let you know if you need an upgrade, or just a good cleaning of the hard drive. Kintechnology can also remove any viruses, or malware that are infecting your systems, and have packages that can help keep malicious content off your computers.

Need a more robust email option, or just need email? Kintechnology can assist you in picking the right email solution for your company. Need a simple email setup like Gmail or Hotmail? We can help get you set up and on your way! Need a solution that keeps your employees more integrated? We can set up an Exchange email server to provide you with the most used business solution. Share email folders, contacts, and the ability to write events in other’s calendars without requiring them to approve the event! We can set up an on-site Exchange server, or a hosted off-site Exchange server.

Contact Kintechnology for more details on how we can meet your business’s computer needs.