We offer 3 service packages


Nothing fancy here. We’ll keep your hardware optimized and protected. You’ll get pay-for-what-you-need support. This low cost option is aimed to help small firms and startups protect their essential tech.


We’ll provide a full suite of features to secure your data, protect your hardware, and give you peace of mind. Plus, you’ll get unlimited remote support and network documentation. This package is perfect for business owners who are ready to stop wasting time addressing technical issues when they could be growing their business.


We’ll manage all aspects of your IT department, provide unlimited remote and on-site support, help manage your 3rd party software and hardware, and function as your virtual Chief Information Officer. With this package, you’ll be able to truly leverage your technology of business success. We’ll meet with your leadership team quarterly to align your business and technology needs and alway ensure your technology represents a competitive advantage for you. This is your highest value option to ensure your technology enables your growing company to thrive.